West Coast Balancing offers highly specialized capabilities for companies that require the optimum quality and precision in their products and equipment that depend on rotating parts.

Precision Balancing:

We can balance a wide range of parts from 5GMS to 500LBS up to 26 inches. We can meet aggressive specifications with sensitivity down to 0.000025 inches (P-P). Quality certs with your balanced parts are given with each job and we can meet strict schedules.

On-Site Services:

We provide on-site service for any of your industrial machinery to balance rotating parts for proper function, improved performance and longer life.

Equipment Repair:

We can diagnose and repair most balancing machines with little down time to the customer.

Equipment Calibration:

We can test and calibrate your equipment to ensure optimal performance from your balancing machine and verify the machine is working properly.

Recertification Services:

Certifications should be performed on an annual basis. We can come to your facility and provide this service. All standards used by our technicians are traceable to NIST and ISO Standards.

Training Services:

We can come to your facility and train your technicians on the fundamentals of dynamic and static balancing and the theory behind mass balancing of rotating components. The technicians also get hands on training with their equipment. We can also train you in our facility using our WCB balancing equipment.

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